The Garden

Ellis and her crack group of musicians (including vocalist/harpist Lynley Caldwell, drummer Chris O’Connor, bassists Eamon Edmundson-Wells and Steve Harrop and vocalist Steve Abel) have infused The Garden with passionate, polished performances, only enhanced by Jordan Stone’s studio production which surrounds the songs with space to hear the nuances within the performances. Ellis is a writer in her prime, and the album is a testament to her talent as a singer-songwriter and instrumentalist.

The Garden is the perfect title (and metaphor) for the album – a lush, beautiful environment of sounds and textures that grows and expands with the changing timbre of the songs. As an art form, the album is alive and well in The Garden, an album that truly blends music, words, and imagery.

Emptiest Fullness

Spacious jazz songs featuring Trevor Coleman on trumpet. Recorded live to pretty much one radio mic in Trevor’s studio, on an evening in July 2000, Dunedin, New Zealand. (Trumpet and BV’s overdubbed).

Sing me to sea

Sing me to sea released 1999

Recorded at  at Braeburn Studio, Wellington and Nelson Art Centre, Nelson NZ.

Each song explores its own universe, from country styled roots and leaves  – a gardeners guide to companion planting, to spacious jazz classic peel me gently.